New Hampshire Executive Council

Just last week the 5-member Executive Council refused, for the fourth time, to fund three not-for-profit healthcare centers in NH. Why? Because the centers have services for abortion counseling and abortions. Despite the assurances of the special audits mandated by the legislature and done by the NH Health & Human Services to be sure that none of the requested funds would be used for abortion related services, four of the five councilors refused once again to provide the funding.

What Is the Executive Council


Why Do Our Votes Matter?

For information on the critical, unique role of the NH Executive Council in state government, check our this article by Dover’s Pam Raley HERE. Pam is a retired social services professional who knows well the importance of the healthcare services these centers offer.

The lone Executive Councilor to vote “yes” on the funding requests is our own Cinde Warmington. Because Executive Council districts have been re-gerrymandered, Cinde will not be our councilor in the next term. Somersworth Mayor Dana Hiliard is our Democratic candidate for Executive Council in November. We cannot take his election for granted – be sure to find that race on your November ballot and check the box by his name. We will feature Mayor Hilliard in an upcoming message.

Who Is Impacted?

Not-for-profit healthcare centers operate on a sliding scale for fees. They serve thousands of New Hampshire people annually and are often the only option for people who lack health insurance or have very limited coverage.


In 2020 the Executive Council was flipped to Republican control, 5-4. Previously, it had been 3-2 in favor of our Democratic candidates. We lost in large part because our voters did not VOTE the FULL BALLOT. This is also true of the NH legislature. In 2020, Democrats lost control of every arm of state government, even as Joe Biden was winning the state and Chris Pappas and Jeanne Shaheen were winning re-election. Let’s not let that happen again!


Veterans Take Note

Senator Maggie Hassan is a fierce, effective advocate for veterans. During this campaign there is an opportunity for her to uplift veterans in the Granite State. This is an opportunity to show your support in a public way, NOT a fundraising appeal.

Please fill out this form to show your support today! 


Meet 4 Primary Candidates

Tuesday, Aug. 30 7pm

By Zoom or In Person

Mark Your Calendars!

One State Representative district will represent Dover Wards 1,2,3,5,6, all but Ward 4. The Dover Dems monthly program for August will feature a chance to meet and hear from each of the four Democratic candidates who are vying for the three positions that will represent this district. They are:

Luz Bay

Geoffrey Smith

Nate Stewart 

Rep. Susan Treleaven

Primary voters will vote for up to three of the four candidates.

Meet NH Young DemsCisco Brewers, PortsmouthTuesday, August 9th6:00 – 7:30Join members of our New Hampshire Congressional Delegation, our current and future young leaders, and:Keynote SpeakerCalifornia CongressmanRo KhannaGet Your Tickets HERECampaign Season!Get Your Tickets HERE.
OUR MISSION – The purpose of the Dover Democratic Committee is to improve the quality of life of all persons, especially residents of Dover, New Hampshire, through the democratic process of government at the local, county, state, and national levels.  We work to promote and support the Democratic Party, to identify and elect strong Democratic candidates and to advance legislative actions reflective of Democratic values. Dover Dems – Living Our Values
Building a Better World

Donations In Support of Electing Democrats Are Welcome & Appreciated

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