Time to Trust Science.

Science is very rarely convenient. 

But we do not have time to deny it.  Today, short term,  we are facing a pandemic. We have a plethora of long term environmental issues having to do with climate change.  We have to look to the future to get out from under these. We cannot do nothing and wish for the “good ole’ days”.  

New Hampshire is just starting to flatten the curve of the virus. If we do not take a smart approach- all our hard work will be for nothing. I am not sure my businesses will survive another long term shut down. The only way we realistically get through this is by working together.  

My businesses are open because of the hard work of my staff. My businesses will remain open because our clients are willing to wear masks and keep a safe distance from each other.  When a vaccine comes out it will make things easier. I was speaking with a friend, like many of my friends he is MUCH smarter than me.  We were talking about the vaccine and he said that vaccines are over-rated. That through homeopathic  measures and nutrition we can boost our immunity and reduce our risk of catching the virus and lessen the effects if we catch it.  While I believe that is TRUE.  I do not believe that it is practical. A Virus does NOT know boarders.  It does not discriminate.  If one person follows a homeopathic approach and reduces their symptoms, they still carry the virus and infect many people.  There are probably millions of people who cannot afford or do not have access to homeopathic alternatives.

Yes- I think that pharmaceutical companies are evil.  But like medicine, it may taste bad and be difficult to take, it will work to keep us healthy. The lack of a response from the federal government has already cost lives and possibly billions of dollars to the economy. The abdication of leadership and responsibility has left the states and local government to fend for themselves. We cannot build a wall between states to protect us from the virus any more than building a wall will protect us from a changing climate.

Now is not the time to go backwards. New Hampshire right now has a Republican Senate candidate who disputes medical experts advice calling for the use of masks to slow the spread of the virus. Donald Bolduc falsely claims that masks are harming us even as President Trump encourages Americans to wear masks.  

Bolduc’s opponent in the GOP primary is Corky Messner, himself a climate science denier who has stoked doubts about coronavirus vaccines. 

Wow- what a terrible choice between these 2.  Just Another reason the GOP has failed us.


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