Why Not? Why Can’t We?


Let’s have a logical argument. Not one driven simply by emotion. 

As children we were all curious asking our parents “Why” and “How come” all the time.  The answer “because I said so” satisfied no one.  It was an answer based on frustration. 

I look at things going on in the world today and I want to know WHY? WHY NOT? And HOW COME?  I think it is time for answers. 

For example- If someone asked me WHY is there no affordable housing in downtown Portsmouth? I would say, it is an old town with the downtown area in the historic district. The cost on upkeep, preservation is a factor. The fact that it is a small area with a limited amount of space for buildings will also keep the price high. 

With building being built in the west end and potentially in the old federal building this could see the market price come down as the availability goes up. 

Here are my questions that I would like honest and logical answers to.  

Why can’t we have better writing for TV shows? 

Why can’t we all have good healthcare?

Why can’t we free ourselves from our dependence on foreign fossil fuels? Wouldn’t stimulating the electric and hybrid car industry help with this? 

Why can’t we put solar panels on all viable government buildings? 

Why can’t all the US Mail trucks be electric? 

Why can’t we have better gun laws? 

Why can’t we make each public school a PALACE of EDUCATION? 

Why can’t we have FREE community colleges? And maybe 4 year public Universities? 

Why can’t we solve the problem of childhood hunger and homelessness? 

Why can’t we take climate change more seriously? 

Just some questions. 

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