House Republican use First Vote to Gut IRS Funding.

In a meaningless vote because it cannot pass the senate and if it did would face certain veto the new GOP led House of Representatives used their first vote (221-210) to claw back more than $70 billion — or nearly 90 percent — of new funding for the IRS making easier to cheat on taxes.

The republicans said that they were fighting against the weaponization of the IRS and fighting for the middle class. Does it matter who is cheating on their taxes? Obviously a large company or wealthy individual is going to have a team of accountants and lawyers to skirt their taxes. This is money that goes to pay for infrastructure. For schools. For defense. Things which benefit every American.

Much of the funding will go to much-needed improvements to the agency’s computer systems. “Or should we have an IRS that operates the way Southwest Airlines did last week, to the dismay of the American family,” quipped former Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal (D-Mass.).

According to the Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget The IRS Funding Repeal could cost over $100 BILLION and encourage tax cheating. Does the tax code need to be made more fair? Absolutely. BUT- it is also our responsibility as American citizens to pay what we owe. Whether you are an individual; A small business; or a giant corporation. No one likes to pay taxes. But no one wants to drive over a bridge that may fall down or have their children attend schools in need of basic supplies.

The GOP talk about a balanced budget but in their first piece of legislation put us potentially in a $100 billion hole. I just wish the House would stop wasting time.

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